The real front line against Australia’s far-right.

There’s been a steadily increasing acknowledgment of the danger posed by the far-right in Australia. So much so, that our chief domestic spy agency broke from its usual silence to voice its concern. And now deep in to the pandemic, we have seen examples of the far-right across the globe attempt to capitalise on a world in fear to further peddle their narrative. But is it the groups themselves that we should be concerned about? And what is the most effective way we can address this threat? Let

Removing hate from the debate

Multicultural NSW recently launched Remove Hate from the Debate, a website designed to help people address online hate speech. Hate speech, as defined by the UN, is “any kind of communication… that attacks or uses pejorative or discriminatory language with reference to a person or a group on the basis of who they are”. This includes race, gender, religion and sexual orientation (but is not limited to these). Online hate speech can exacerbate negative thinking and quickly escalate disagreements,

The sound I didn't expect to hear in a juvenile detention facility

I turned to my escort as we walked together through the desolate central yard of Frank Baxter. It wasn’t the ten foot or so tall razor wire fence or the CCTV cameras in such abundance even Orwell would shiver that I found the most unsettling. It’s what was not there that threw me. Sound. Aside from the odd crackling of a guard’s radio or clanking of heavy steel on steel as doors were locked behind us, there was none. Not a whisper. Dead silence. ‘So the centre’s not full?’ I asked the juvenile j